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Roofguide App on Phone

The RANZ Roofing Guide is an interactive online app, which makes the RANZ 'How-to Guide' roofing reference texts available on any device, in 3D. 

It’s like having a trainer in your pocket - an online resource that’s mobile friendly and easy to use. It's downloadable for offline access.

It has a simple view presented in stages, while also providing 3D images that are easy to understand. 

It includes the RANZ ‘How-to Guide’ content: 17 Roofing Flashings solutions, 22 Roof Penetrations solutions, 23 Wall Cladding Solutions; and Reference Tools on: Material Compatibility, Pitches and Angles, Flashing Cover. 

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This subscription is intended for building professionals such as Architects and Designers who are not Roofing Association members.

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Practice Subscription $100
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